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Internet giving

Publicising your event, collecting donations and getting the money straight to the charity at the click of a button is the promise of internet giving websites. Just Giving is probably the best known site, but there are a host of others out there, so do have a look around.

We cannot tell you which is the best to use, but you might want to think about the following before you sign up:

  • How much do they charge the charity and what percentage do they take? Not all the money you raise will go to the charity.
  • Is the site reputable? It might be worth asking other people about what their experience was like or search on-line to see if there are complaints.
  • Do they provide good customer service to you and to donors?
  • Is the charity you are fundraising for registered with the provider?
  • Which one does your charity recommend or prefer?
  • Are they easy to use? You don’t want your donors getting frustrated and giving up.
  • How much control will you have over the design of your online giving page?
  • How, and how quickly, can you make changes in your online giving page?