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A-Z fundraising

You know you want to raise some money and you know who you want to raise it for – that only leaves the simple problem of what on earth to do. Just a simple search for fundraising ideas on line will bring you more possibilities than you could dream of, but to get you thinking here is a straight forward A-Z:

A Abseil, Auction, All day event, Apple bobbing, Arts and crafts stall

Auction of Promises – Try to get people to donate a gift, the promise of their time or use of their belongings. You can even ask people to donate themselves as ‘slaves for the day’!

B Bad hair day, Bingo, Book Sale, Barbecue, Baby Sitting, Beetle Drive, Bike Ride, Black Tie Event (Ball, Gala Dinner etc.), Bric a Brac Sale, Bridge Drive, Bring & Buy Sale

Bag it up – Simply ask your local supermarket if you can bag customers’ shopping and ask for a donation for your service.

Baking day – Ask someone to help you and your friends bake some cakes. Then hold a cake sale at work.

C Car Boot Sale, Coffee Morning, Cheese and Wine, Car Cleaning, Cake Stall & Sale, Casino Night, Christmas Card List (Ask Friends to send donation instead of a card!)

Caption Competition – Run a caption competition on pictures taken from your last party and collect donations from your entrants.

Car treasure hunt – Ask someone with local knowledge to set questions so that people have to explore their local area. It’s a great way of finding out more about where you live.

D Disco, Dress down day

Daring exploits – Take part in a parachute jump or sponsored abseil encourage your friends and colleagues to take part.

Donate day’s wage – Donate a day’s wage and encourage others to follow your example. You could designate a specific date of national or local importance.

E Easter Egg Hunt

Eating competition – Set up a line of people and bet who will finish a bowl of food first – baked beans are a favourite.

F Fete, Football Match, Fashion Show, Foreign Coin Collection, Fitness Workout, Fun run

Fast for 24 hours – Want to lose weight? Then hold a sponsored 24-hour fast.

G Golf Match

Grow your Own – Buy a packet of seeds, plant them and let them grow. Then sell off the plants, flowers, vegetables or fruit for a profit.

H Halloween Ball

I Ice Hockey Tournament, It’s A Knockout Event

Ice Skating – Get people to sponsor you for how many times you can go around the ice skating rink without falling over or needing support.

J Jumble Sale , Justgiving, Jumble Sale, Jive Party, Jail Break

K Karaoke Night

L Lunch Money – Ask all your colleagues to bring in sandwiches for their lunch and donate the money they saved to charity.

M Marathon Run, Match It!, Miles of Pennies, Mountaineering

N Night in – Stay in on a Saturday night and donate the money you save.

O Open Day, Open Gardens

Office Olympics – Organise a competition to become an Office Olympic champion. Think up events such as speed typing, bin basketball, longest paperclip chain in a minute or punching the most holes in a sheet of A4.

P Parachute Jump, Plant Stall, Pub Crawl

Photography competition – Invite your friends to get their baby photos out and charge to ‘guess the baby’.

Q Quiz Nights

Quit it – Are you a smoker? Or do you have any other bad habits? Quit for a month and get everyone to sponsor your efforts.

R Race night, Rock n Roll Evening, Roller Skating

Ransom and release – All you need are some willing VI’s (very important prisoners) and somewhere to hold them captive. Then it’s up to the VIPs to get friends, family and colleagues to stump up the cash for their release.

S Swear box, Sponsored silence, Sponsored anything (Swim, Walk, Silence,etc), Square Dancing, Slumber Party, Slave Auction

Shave it – Get sponsored to shave your head, your chest, your armpits or any other hairy bits.

Sweepstake – Run a sweepstake on how many times your boss gets a cup a tea or how may times your colleague leaves their desk during the day. Charge a fee to have a go.

T Treasure Hunt, Tombola, Trivial Pursuits

U Underwear as outerwear dares, University challenge, (non) Uniform day, Unwanted gift sale.

V Volleyball Tournament, Valet services

W Walk to Work, Whist Drives, White Elephant Stall, Wine & Cheese Party, Water games, Wacky races, Wellie throwing competition, Wheelbarrow racing

Wine Tasting – Invite an ‘expert’ or local wine dealer to bring along a few cases of wine and donate some of the proceeds to charity. Or invite colleagues to taste some ‘home made’ cocktails and charge an entry fee per person.

X X-Files party

Y Yogathon, Yo yo competition

Yorkshire pudding eating – See how many you can eat. Get your friends to run a sweepstake.

Z Zany clothes day

Zombie party – Organise a zombie party and charge an entrance fee.